Quick Draw at the Member's Meeting - Jan 12, 2019

We had a fun activity at the last member's meeting. As one of the 10th Anniversary Celebration events, one and all were challenged to participate in our first ever PSSC Quick Draw.

The rules were:

- Complete a painting using ONLY the Girault PSSC 10th Anniversary set of colors

- Participants could use any size surface they felt comfortable completing in approximately 1 hour

- Participants could select their own subject or reference photo

- Tickets would be sold for an opportunity drawing for each of the completed paintings and the winning ticket holder would take it home.

Approximately 12 brave souls took up the challenge and set up their easels at the start of the meeting.

Once all the meeting business and announcements were done, the timer was started and the Quick Draw artists launched themselves to their easels.

Many of us spent some of the hour stuffing the ticket boxes of the artists in hopes that we would be the lucky one to win a painting.

It was a treat to watch all these accomplished artists create beautiful pieces right before our eyes in a little over an hour.

When the "pastels down" command came the fun still wasn't over.

We were all excited as each artist brought their ticket box forward and picked the lucky ticket from it. It’s safe to say that there were many happy winners that day!

Beginner Pastel Class - August 2018

--Photos by Lynn Attig

  The second Beginner Pastel Workshop was held at Destination: Art from 9:00 – 3:00 on August 4th, with the following teachers participating: Lynn Attig, Dave Wolfram, Bernard Fallon, Paula Brown, Dori Dewberry, and Fran Nichols.

The topics were how to select pastels and paper (Dori); the importance of values in your painting (Lynn); underpainting in watercolor (Paula); color theory regarding warm and cool colors (Bernard); a full demo with pastel application (Fran); and finally how to grind up old pastels, mixing colors, and reconstituting new pastels (Dave). Every student learned how to tape their UArt Paper to a backing board, do a sketch, complete a watercolor underpainting, and apply pastel.

It was a lot of information to cover, but all agreed it was a most exciting and informative day. All supplies were provided. We had a most enjoyable lunch time with salads and sandwiches from Kech Café, which gave us a chance to chat and get to know each other a bit more. It was quite an action packed day.

The students gave a huge round of applause for the experience they enjoyed with their enthusiastic teachers. As both PSSC and Destination: Art are non-profit organizations with the mission of informing the public about our art, we felt quite gratified for the opportunity to offer this free workshop!

--- Suzanne Kuuskmae, PSSC, Destination: Art

8th PSSC Member Show Reception - April 2017

All photos by Gayle Uyehara

All photos by Gayle Uyehara

The 8th PSSC Member Show Reception took place on Sunday, April 23rd at the Southbay Lexus Center. It was a full house with many people turning up to view the artwork, applaud the announcements of the show winners and then stay to enjoy our show juror, Barbara Jaenicke's pastel art demo.

Take a moment to see all our show winners!

Many congratulations to all our member participants who made this beautiful exhibition possible.



Pictures from IAPS- 2015

Here are some pictures sent from the IAPS convention going on in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It looks like they are having fun. Makes you wish you were there!

Click on the thumbnail to get a better look, and then hover the cursor over the image to see the caption.

Photos from the Beginner Session of the Richard McKinley Workshop - March 2015

We had a wonderful three days with Richard McKinley at Destination Art.

Photos from Joslyn Center Paint-In - April 1, 2014

Julia Patterson Workshop - January 2014


Get Your Work Out There!  The Very Best Ways to Market Your Art Online

Julia Patterson presented her Online Marketing Multi-media Seminar after our meeting on January 11, 2014

Long time graphic designer for artists and a pastelist herself, Julia shared her expert advice on the best avenues for artists to promote themselves efficiently, enjoyably and at little cost in the world of blogs, websites and social media.


Her fast-paced overview of ideas, possibilities, tips and tricks was very informative and much appreciated by all!


Trip to Mary Aslin Studio - December 2013

Thanks to Sue K. for the photos from Mary's studio in Laguna Beach. Some of the board members had the opportunity to see a Mary do a demo of her work.

Painting in France with Elizabeth Mowry - September 2013

Sue Kuuskamae shared some of her photos from the Elizabeth Mowry workshop that she recently attended in France.



Pastel Box Management Mini-Workshop - August 2013

On August 10 a group of six pastel artists met with Dave Wolfram at Sue Kuuskmae's house for a workshop on how to set up your pastel box to help select colors most effectively.  Dave described several methods and most of us opted to use the one recommended by Richard Mc Kinley. Here each color group is placed in a different section of the box, with the lightest at the top of the box (where the sky is) gradually getting darker towards the bottom (where the ground is). Neutral colors are grouped together in one section.

Dave also gave a demonstration on how to make your own neutral color pastels by grinding to a fine dust complimentary colors.  After sifting out the bigger pieces, he put the dust on a glass and added small amounts of alcohol until it became a thick paste.  When it is thick enough to pick up, he rolls it in wax paper, lets it dry, and now you have a new color of your making.

It was lots of fun, and particularly  helpful to have a small group.  Attending were:  Michele Aplin, Nancy Viets, Carla Skinner, Kathy Moorehead, and Sue Kuuskmae. & Eva Muchnik.

See the slideshow below.