Pastel Box Management Mini-Workshop - August 2013

On August 10 a group of six pastel artists met with Dave Wolfram at Sue Kuuskmae's house to have a workshop on how to set up your pastel box in a way that helps one select the most effective color.  Dave described several methods and most of us opted to use the one recommended by Richard Mc Kinley in which neutral colors are grouped together, and then colors are placed with the lightest at the top of the box (where the sky is) gradually getting darker towards the bottom (where the ground is).   

Dave also gave a demonstration on how to make your own neutral color pastels by grinding to a fine dust complimentary colors.  After sifting out the bigger pieces, he put the dust on a glass and added small amounts of alcohol until it became a thick paste.  When it is thick enough to pick up, he rolls it in wax paper, lets it dry, and now you have a new color of your making.

It was lots of fun, and particularly  helpful to have a small group.  Attending were:  Michele Aplin, Nancy Viets, Carla Skinner, Kathy Moorehead, and Sue Kuuskmae. & Eva Muchnik.

Click on the link below to see the pictures.