Beginner Pastel Class - August 2018

--Photos by Lynn Attig

  The first Beginner Pastel Workshop was held at Destination: Art from 9:00 – 3:00 on August 4th, with the following teachers participating: Lynn Attig, Dave Wolfram, Bernard Fallon, Paula Brown, Dori Dewberry, and Fran Nichols.

The topics were how to select pastels and paper (Dori); the importance of values in your painting (Lynn); underpainting in watercolor (Paula); color theory regarding warm and cool colors (Bernard); a full demo with pastel application (Fran); and finally how to grind up old pastels, mixing colors, and reconstituting new pastels (Dave). Every student learned how to tape their UArt Paper to a backing board, do a sketch, complete a watercolor underpainting, and apply pastel.

It was a lot of information to cover, but all agreed it was a most exciting and informative day. All supplies were provided. We had a most enjoyable lunch time with salads and sandwiches from Kech Café, which gave us a chance to chat and get to know each other a bit more. It was quite an action packed day.

The students gave a huge round of applause for the experience they enjoyed with their enthusiastic teachers. As both PSSC and Destination: Art are non-profit organizations with the mission of informing the public about our art, we felt quite gratified for the opportunity to offer this free workshop!

--- Suzanne Kuuskmae, PSSC, Destination: Art