Quick Draw at the Member's Meeting - Jan 12, 2019

We had a fun activity at the last member's meeting. As one of the 10th Anniversary Celebration events, one and all were challenged to participate in our first ever PSSC Quick Draw.

The rules were:

- Complete a painting using ONLY the Girault PSSC 10th Anniversary set of colors

- Participants could use any size surface they felt comfortable completing in approximately 1 hour

- Participants could select their own subject or reference photo

- Tickets would be sold for an opportunity drawing for each of the completed paintings and the winning ticket holder would take it home.

Approximately 12 brave souls took up the challenge and set up their easels at the start of the meeting.

Once all the meeting business and announcements were done, the timer was started and the Quick Draw artists launched themselves to their easels.

Many of us spent some of the hour stuffing the ticket boxes of the artists in hopes that we would be the lucky one to win a painting.

It was a treat to watch all these accomplished artists create beautiful pieces right before our eyes in a little over an hour.

When the "pastels down" command came the fun still wasn't over.

We were all excited as each artist brought their ticket box forward and picked the lucky ticket from it. It’s safe to say that there were many happy winners that day!