November Update

Each member needs to send photos of their best 2 paintings to our webmaster, Patricia Kellner, by Saturday, December 8, for two reasons.

1) We are building up a Members' Gallery on our website and

2) We are holding a selection process for the 6 Paintings which will represent the Pastel Society of Southern California on the web Showcase that is part of the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) website.  And you will want to have your painting on that national website!

You may also send a photo of a painting of a local scene which will be in a "Local Scenery Gallery" on our website and will represent the PSSC on the page of Society listings on the IAPS website.

So that makes 3 photos you will send to Patty by December 8!

Click here to send your photos as an attachment to an e-mail to her.

On another note:  Congratulations to our member Bruce Trentham,  instructor at Emeritus College in Santa Monica who has sold four pastel paintings and completed two commissioned pastel paintings for California State Parks. The paintings will be in the new Visitor Center at Topanga State Park. The paintings will be scanned to be part of the interpretive nature display. The commissioned paintings will scanned and enlarged to be used as backgrounds for the exhibits. The new Visitor Center is scheduled to open the summer of 2013.  Wow!!