Warm December Wishes

1)  We wish you would send photos to our webmaster - 2 for the members' gallery and 1 of local scenery. Please take this opportunity to update your profile on our new website by sending one to three new images to Patty. If you want a link to your website included with your image, please include the url for the website in your message. When you send the images, please name them as follows:  YourName painting title.jpg   such as” JohnDoe Portuguese Bend.jpg”, doing so will save her a lot of time.

2)  We wish you would send the remainder of the Elizabeth Mowry Workshop payment to Lynn Attig.  If you put in your $75 deposit at the last meeting, then the balance is $225.  Lynn's address is in the e-mail but if you need it or have other questions, contact her here.

3) We wish you would join us Saturday, December 15, 11am – 3pm for Michele Aplin's End of Year Inventory Sale and Holiday Open House at the Girault Warehouse. Discount on all sets and open stock (individual sticks). All of the sets will be open for you to see, including the 300 Wood box Collection. Come enjoy light refreshments and check out the Girault pastels or stock up on your favorites!  130 Nevada St., El Segundo - park in the lot right in front. Also, you may shop by appointment any day of the week by contacting Michele at (310) 955-7727 or (310) 640-8388 or by e-mail pastelETC@aol.com.

4) We wish to see Board members at the next PSSC Board meeting Monday, January 7!

5) We wish to see everyone at the next PSSC meeting Saturday, January 19.  Nancy Popenoe will be talking about her Nightscapes which have been in the California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibitions several times!

6) We wish you a Beautiful Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas, and a Joyous New Year!