September 2012 Newsletter

1) Our next meeting will be September 15 at 10am at the Torrance Airport Community Room.

We will have lots of information to pass on and then Joe Mancuso will be giving the demo with a brief discusion of taking photos from which to paint.

Check out the PSSC website to see photos of the beautiful day of painting we had recently at Joe's workshop and photos of several of us who went to see the IAPS Exhibition at the Brea Gallery ( ).  The show at the Brea Gallery closes Sept 14 and you really want to see this glorious display of pastel artwork!

2) We are having a "Richeson Board Event" on the afternoon of September 15 after the meeting.  The Richeson Company has donated 20 of their pastel boards to the PSSC and those of you who have signed up will take one and go paint.  At 4:30 we will reconvene at the Torrance Airport Community Room for celebration and prizes awarded by our Jurying Committee. Everyone is welcome to come at 5pm for appetizers and drinks and to see the art!  There are a couple of spots available if you would like to join in the fun of painting on a Richeson board!

3) The next IAPS Pastel Convention will be June 6 - 9, 2013 and registration begins September 1.  Many popular demos and classes sell out quickly so you will want to register right away.  We want to have a strong PSSC presence in Albuquerque next year so get set to make your reservations in a couple of weeks!  This is before our meeting so check it out at and click on "Conventions".

4)We had a successful Planning Retreat in July and many great ideas came out of that, which we will be discussing at the Sep meeting.  For instance, many expressed the desire to have more opportunities to get to know each other better in smaller groups, either regionally or in paint-together sessions.  Also, many expressed the desire for more instruction on digital photography of artwork to be able to take the next step in entering shows.  We are considering starting a Blog for posting updates in lieu of a newsletter.  As well, we are in the process of documenting job descriptions and policies so that more members can participate in leadership.  Stay tuned for more opportunities!

A previous demo

A previous demo

5) The next Board Meeting will be Monday, September 10 at 10am at Margaret's house.  All are welcome and officers and chairmen are expected!