Notes from the Special Holiday Meeting - November 9, 2013

President Margaret Lindsey started the meeting at 10:00 with announcements from the Master Calendar –

  • Paint indoors at the Joslyn Center in Manhattan Beach on 11/21 followed with critique by Fran Nichols. 
  • Paint outdoors with Rose Ash and other members 11/21/13, 4/10/14 and 5/15/14. Contact Rose
  • Contact Dave Wolfram for outdoor coastal painting dates

And Margaret said “We need writers! “  Pick a topic, write an article for our On-line Newsletter and contact Kathy Jones for publication. 

Members with names starting with e, f, g shared some of their work with us.

We were reminded about up coming Workshops in 2014:

  • Marla Baggetta – 4/28-30 “Loosen Up” and 5/1-2 Figurative, both indoors. 
  • Bernard Fallon-A one-day Still-Life in January,
  • Dori Dewberry-1/2 day workshop in March,
  • Desmond O’Hagan in July and
  • Doug Dawson in November.


Carolyn and husband set up a camera and screen so all members would have a clear view of the 2 hour demo.  Gerald Rahm set-up his floral still-life at eye level and positioned his crescent board ground at that same height with similar lighting on each.  He emphasized finding the large shapes first, then finding the general color and value of each and then working up and down in value.  Several of his paintings were on view and members were offered a 20% discount.

Don’t miss our next General Meeting, January 11, 2014, which will feature a portrait demo by artist Ying Liu with member Bob Barrett as the model.  Following the meeting at 1-4pm is the Julia Patterson Multi-Media Marketing Seminar, cost ($40).

The Golden Paintbrush was passed from Sue Kuuskmae to Margaret and then to Kate Doll.  (Refreshments, we all thank you)


Notes by Catherine Cunningham, Recording Secretary