In the scant four years that the Pastel Society of Southern California has been in existence, I believe we have done an outstanding job as an organization in fulfilling our Mission Statement as I described in the President’s Message in the previous e-mail.

I wanted to take the time now to publicly thank ALL of you who have contributed to the success of the Pastel Society. It may be easier for all to read this rather than listen to the poor quality sound system at the Creative Arts Center! (which, by the way, we will be upgrading this year!).

Thank you to the following, who have done excellent jobs in their respective roles…

Mike Ishikawa, Exhibition Director

Sue Kuuskmae, Exhibition Registrar and overall planning & coordination

Lynn Attig, Workshop Coordinator, corresponding with Richard McKinley, & press releases

Marlene Zuvich, Membership Director and coordinating reception refreshments (both big jobs!)

Cindy Carlburg, Treasurer and staying on top of official correspondence & policy

Catherine Cunningham, Recording Secretary and Jurying Committee

Ede Strieff, Solicitor of Donor Products for Prizes

David Wolfram, Graphic Design, Paint outs, Jurying Committee, Demos

Fran Nichols, Jurying Committee and Demo

Kate Doll, Refreshments at meetings

Patty Kellner, Website

Lupe Backe, Website

Sue Ann Sinay, Ways and Means

Michele East, Printing labels for exhibition

Edie Babbe, Coordinator of Show and Tell of Artwork

Richard Stevens, Providing easels for artwork and, previously, space for paint-ins

Bonny Botello, Heading up Nominating Committee, also past Treasurer

Gayle Uehara, Historic Photographer and very helpful person!

Alison Berry, Coordinator of Terri Ford workshop

Kathy Jones, Kathe Graham, Phyllis Meltzer, Nominating Committee

Bob Barrett, Rita Hopper, Kim Gardner, Marion Wong, Kay Bonnano, Doris Oklar and others who have helped during the meetings.

Gloria Lee, Jurying Committee alternate and Critique

Joe Mancuso, Demo

Bernard Fallon, Demo, previous Jurying Committee, Critique

Jannene Behl, Demo

Ada M. Passaro, Demo

Rudolfo Rivademar, Demo

Patricia Rose Ford, Upcoming Demo

Lorene Barker & Marlene DeLugish, past Board members

If I have omitted anyone, it’s not by intention, so let me know if anyone else should be extended our thanks!

I am personally very grateful for all these people who come together to make the pastel Society of Southern California successful and make my job as president easier and a joy!