Notes from the General Meeting - May 17th, 2014

This last meeting of  PSSC’s Fiscal year 2013-2014 took place at the Manhattan Beach Creative Center where we also took down the paintings of the 6th annual exhibition.

Margaret welcomed the group and started the meeting by introducing member Lois Olsen who brought paintings, materials, and her thoughts and feelings about abstract painting.

Lois spoke about her emotional start in abstract painting that grew out of a time of grieving and the need for an expressive outlet. With simplification along with emotion abstraction can come from reality.  Lois referred to the abstract qualities of many of the paintings in the show.  She brought with her materials, papers, gels, acrylics and some grounds already prepared for experimentation by volunteers from the audience. 

Catherine Cunningham spoke briefly about a series of abstract paintings that she is working on based on the emotional event of Pearl Harbor.  It was a fun, participatory demo.  Thank you, Lois.

Margaret spoke periodically throughout the demo discussing the events on the agenda. 

  • The 6th Annual Members Show was a success and Margaret thanked all who helped make it so. 
  • The Paint-Ins at Joslyn Center, which have included critiques by Fran Nichols have been popular.  Suzanne Kuuskmae coordinates. 
  • Would anyone like to coordinate a paint-out? 
  • Also, check-out our Website for calendar updates.

Past Workshops:

  • Dori Dewberry was Mar. 15th – a great day using special underpainting.
  • Marla Bagetta was April 28-30 “Loosen Up” and May 1-2 “Figurative”.  Participants response was very positive.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Desmond O’Hagan: July 18-20. Deposits were taken that day ($300).  The Balance due June 18th.  Mike Ishikawa coordinating.  This is 2 days indoors, 1 day out.
  • “How to Draw Horses and Animals” This is a 1 day workshop on September 27th.  Dr. Sheree Newsome will speak on botanicals then you move over to the stables for sketching.  Contact Carolyn Buchman if interested. 
  • Doug Dawson will be here on November 6-8.  Subject is landscape from photos done indoors.  Deposits were taken.  The full cost is $350.  Coordinated by Arturo Fribourgh.
  • Richard McKinley is coming back (Yay!)  March 2015 for a 2-day "beginning with Richard" session and a 3-day "returning to Richard" session. Suzanne Kuuskmae coordinating.


Margaret introduced Bonny Botello, our nominating committee chairman, who presented the slate of officers for 2014-2015.  The vote was taken and the slate accepted as presented.

The board presented Margaret with a lifetime achievement award, a monetary gift and thanked her for the vision and hard work thatcreated the pastel society that we are today. Margaret welcomed and presented our new president, Lynn Attig, who had some special roses for Margaret.

The Next meeting, July 12,2014, will be held at the Riviera United Methodist Church, 375 Palos Verdes Blvd., Redondo Beach.

The September 13, 2014 Meeting will be held at the Torrance Airport Community Room, Zamperini Field, 3301 Airport Drive, Torrance, CA 90505

Notes:  by Catherine Cunningham


Officers and Chairmen for July 2014-June 2015


*President- Lynn Attig

*Vice President – Suzanne Kuuskmae

Vice President: Exhibition – Mike Ishikawa

Vice President: Workshop Chairman – OPEN

Vice-President: Programming – Vickie Sekits

*Treasurer:  Cindy Carlburg,  Assistant:  Nancy Veits

*Recording Secretary:  Catherine Cunningham

Corresponding Secretary:  Ede Streiff

*Communications Director:  David Wolfram

Paint-Outs:  David Wolfram, Rose Ash

Paint-Ins:  Wandamae Lombardi, Critiques - Fran Nichols

Membership:  Marlene DeLugish

Ways and Means:  Kim Gardner

Publicity:  David Wolfram

Webmaster:  Lupe Backe

Online Newsletter:  OPEN

Historian:  Gayle Uyehara, Jane Shibata

Hospitality:  Kate Doll, Bob Barrett


*Denotes Corporate Director