Sally Strand Workshops in 2018

Window by Sally Strand

Window by Sally Strand

Focusing on color and light, Sally discusses optical mixing of layered color and how to truly see and identify color, especially subtle color. The effects of light on color, composition, and perception, as well as use of different types of light are explored. Painting from costumed models and still life, each student receives individual attention and critiques. Demonstrations, lectures and a slide show are designed to give students tools to achieve intensely beautiful color.

NEW Master Classes in 2018 — If you have taken Sally's workshops before and want to build on the numerous principles discussed, this new class continues where the previous workshops left off. It begins with a review of painting principles including optical mixing of layered color, essential elements of strong composition and the effects of light. We also focus on the later stages of painting, learning to harmonize color masses while developing the ability really see and mix color, especially those that are nuanced and subtle. Finally we will explore the finishing touches that turn paintings into personal statements.

Sally Strand, a Master Pastelist, was inducted into the Hall of Fame, the highest commendation of the Pastel Society of America, NY .

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March 8–10, 2018 Color of Light
March 12–15, 2018 NEW! Master Class/Next Level

San Clemente Center for the Arts
San Clemente, California
Contact: Heather Rapozo
April 11–14, 2018
The Goshen School of Art
Goshen, New Jersey
Contact: Laura Ann

May 23–29, 2018
France, Haut Baran
Haut Baran, France
Contact: William or Rosalie Haas
(513) 533-0511 (States) 01133-565-246-324 (France)

October 3–6, 2018
NEW! Master Class/Next Level
Franciscan Life Process Center
Lowell, Michigan
Contact: Kathy Bechtel
(616) 897-7842

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