Sherrie Nielsen 3 Day Horse Workshop in Santa Maria - June 2015

Blue Moon West ranch is about 20 minutes Northeast of Santa Maria on CA highway 166 and has 50 acres with white fences, two barns, a house and other outbuildings, including an empty chicken house, along with the art studio. 

Down the street five more minutes is Blue Moon cattle ranch, with lots of cows to photograph and paint on another 450 acres.


Workshop cost - $350

  • for three days - June 24 - 26 

  • breakfast and lunch included.

Horse clinic

Bring your cameras, phones and ipads. We will work on how to create new work from photographic sources and creative use of a model.  We will combine your background photo with the horse models.  Each student could create a monochromatic under-painting from these sources. 

We will work on how to use photographic resources without having your creativity tied up to how good or poor the photographic image is.  Then we will translate value to color. Horses range in color from chestnut to palomino to bay and two colors of paints--charcoal/white and chestnut/white. 

Some of the horses on the property are an Arabian, a Quarter Horse, a Tennessee Walker and the two paints, one of which looks a bit Mustang-like.  


Download the Workshop flyer in pdf format here!


Information to book your room:

Santa Maria Historic Inn


For more information call Carolyn 310-370-7894, or email with "horse" in the subject line.


We could  carpool!