Jon Thornton Demo/Speaker at January 14, 2017 Meeting

Preparing your Art for Promotion, Sales and Exhibition

Jon Thornton, owner of Four Sticks framing, is an experienced Photographer and Framer that will be demonstrating "How to Photograph your Artwork" as well as converting the image to proper format for submission to exhibitions and online promoting. Jon will be working in the Irfanview program (a free photo editing program) and will walk us through the step-by-step process of creating high quality images that represent your fine artwork.

Bring Your Artwork to be Photographed!

After the General Meeting, Jon will also be offering his services to photograph members' artwork for a special offer of $5 per image. This will include converting the image to be submission ready. With our exhibition approaching, this will be a wonderful opportunity to get your artwork professionally photographed and ready to submit online for our show. So please remember to bring your finished paintings, unframed, any and all that you would like photographed and converted.

Fill out the PDF Form

To have your artwork photographed, please download the attached PDF form, fill out and bring it with you to the meeting with your check or cash to pay Jon Thornton directly.  

Contact Paula Somma

Please contact Paula Somma at if you plan on having your images photographed and she will add your name to the list of participants.

Download the Photograph Form PDF