Molly Lipsher Mini-workshop at November Meeting

A Moment of Radiance

A Moment of Radiance

Molly Lipsher will do a demo of her work at the November 17th member's meeting. After the meeting and our holiday catered lunch, she will offer a mini-workshop. Currently the workshop is full but a waiting list is available.


Please email Paula Somma at to get on the waiting list.


From Molly ...

"I am inspired by vast open spaces, and the primorial landforms I find there. I travel extensively to paint in remote locations, most recently focused on New Mexico, the Sierra and the great deserts. I utilize light and form where I find them, formulating an emotional response for my paintings through the actual existing physicality; the terrain, geology, climate, topography, and vegetation. 

When in the midst of painting it, I must be in tune to capture its innate spirit, wit, and ultimately, the irony of its mystery, since the true origin will always remain unknown. I am less concerned with "finish" than I am with capturing this intuitive spirited, mood of a place. I like to express my emotional response through bold, gestural, colorful strokes, and I leave these strokes as is, trying not to refine them excessively in the finished piece."


Visit to see more of her work!