PSSC workshops in 2019

PSSC workshops are opened first to members three months before the start of a workshop. One month later the workshop is announced to the general public. Popular workshops are often quickly filled before there is ever a chance to open registration beyond the PSSC membership. The best way to have the opportunity to attend one of the PSSC workshop is to become a member and be included in the initial workshop announcements. Fortunately the PSSC is still offering free membership until June 2019, so becoming a member is as easy as filling out the membership form and submitting it!

Visit our Membership page to join! 

Our workshop registration policy does away with waiting lists and deposits and only accepts online paid registrations on a first come, first served basis. Because it is electronic, this process is completely objective and absolute. As soon as the registration reaches 16 registrants, the process automatically closes. We have long established this as the number of student attendees that get the most exposure to the visiting artist and is also a comfortable amount for most artists.

Don't miss your opportunity to enroll in these workshops, become a PSSC member today!

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